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March 6, 2012
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Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock

Does whatever 'cause Eddie rocks

Weaves a lie any size

Slaughters thieves on the fly

LOOK OUT! Here comes Eddie Brock

Is he strong? Listen dude:

He is bonded with an alien goo

Can he swing from a thread?

Look alive or he'll catch you dead

Stay scared, for here comes Eddie Brock

On a chilly night

When it's slobberin' time

Like a demon of fright

He'll tear out your spine!

Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock

Lethal Protector: Eddie Brock

Such a shame he's ignored

When shoved out the symbiote door

To him, life is a great big hang-up

But wherever there's a gang-up

You'll find Eddie Brock!

Set to the theme of the old Spider-Man cartoon. Just 'cause he deserves it. I didn't make it Venom's theme because "Venom" is missing that essential third syllable, and now "Venom" stands for all incarnations after Eddie. That's what the ending is all about: once Eddie no longer has the Venom symbiote (or the Anti-Venom faux symbiote, for that matter) he kinda gets tossed around and sometimes ignored. Not saying Rick Remender is ignoring the poor fellow, though.

...on second reading, this seems more like a Carnage theme song at points. He's better known for slaughtering and ripping out, whatevs.

Eddie Brock is property of Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
NotoriousAkber Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
hahahahaha awesome man, cant stop getting this tune outta my head. 11/10
ahahha weaves a lie any size.
BobTheEgg May 1, 2012   General Artist
XD Very nice.
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